Cork Silver Splatter Special Pro Lite

Cork Silver Splatter Special Pro Lite

Appleseed Quiltworks

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18" x 50" High quality cork adhered to an ultra thin fabric support backing. The ultra thin backing opens up many possibilities for sewing with cork! Cork fabric is environmentally and ecologically friendly. This material is an amazing alternative to leather or vinyl because it is sustainable, washable, stain resistant, durable, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. Cork fabric has a similar handle to leather or vinyl. It feels like a quality leather: it’s soft, smooth, and pliable. It is not hard or brittle. Cork fabric looks stunning and unique. Use it to make handmade bags, wallets, accents on clothing, craft projects, applique, embroidery, shoes, or upholstery. The fabric support backing is a Polyester base. The fabric is about .4mm thick. Cork is 25 - 27 inches wide Made in China

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